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3M We were approached by the city of St. Paul to create a couple of videos. The purpose of these videos: attract small businesses to St. Paul because of its business-friendly environment. In working with the city we learned about the sheer number of available office spaces, its entrepreneurial atmosphere, and dedication to modernization.

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Along with stunning video we offer photography. Below you will find some examples from our work with the city of St. Paul.

Architecture 3
Architecture 2
Architecture 4

The city of St. Paul wanted the videos to be interview-based. With that they wanted key elements of the interview to be shown, certain locations filmed throughout St. Paul, and footage of people working. Aside from those main goals we pretty much had free reign in terms of how we wanted to lay it out in video form. Out of all of our projects this one was the most structured but serves as a testament to our versatility and ability to adapt.

We filmed from multiple locations: St. Paul City Hall, Creed Interactive, and the James J Hill Center over the course of five days. Particular locations were chosen by the St. Paul reps for filming the street shots, buildings, etc. With their goal in mind, the videos center around the interviews and the city shots showcase St. Paul and all it has to offer. We wanted a positive, synergistic vibe to flow in each of the videos in the same way it does in each of those office buildings. As you can see, most of our clients start with a vision and some guidelines – we bring it to life!

Jacob Stevenson

GPP Founder and ceo

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